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It's the small luxury comforts that make a
house feel like a home.


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High Quality Guarantee
High Quality Guarantee

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Simple Returns

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User-Friendly and Easy Setup
User-Friendly and Easy Setup

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Mini Plug-in Heater

Mini Plug-in Heater

Created with your safety in mind

The internal ceramic element and external surface of our Overheat Protection System averts any heat related mishaps.


  • This portable heater allows you to heat up the rooms you are in at minimal cost.
  • Three levels to select from. They are High (1500W), Low (750W), and fan only mode for variable heat usage.
  • A fitted thermostat will control your desired temperature along with being encased with a three pronged rotating plug.
  • Assembled with overheat protection sensors that make sure the unit turns off in high temperature situations

Electric Pulse Shiatsu
Neck Massager

Relieve hard to reach neck pain

Massager provides gentle pulses along with a heat compress to give you a relaxing experience


  • Device is portable so you can use it anywhere
  • Small enough to bring anywhere
  • Designed to be effective in a single session
  • Helps manage daily stress at work
  • Uses three modes with 15 levels of intensity to fit your exact pain relief
Mini Plug-in Heater
Ultra Sonic Humidifier

Energy Saver Plug


Our Energy Saver Plugin is designed to help you save money on your energy bills by reducing the amount of energy your household appliances and electronics consume. Our device is designed to stabilize your electrical system by regulating the power factor and maintaining a consistent voltage, without requiring many changes to your electricity consumption habits or appliances. It also may prolong the life of your appliances. Our energy saver plugin is easy to use, simply plug it into an outlet, and it begins to work immediately. It is compact, lightweight, and is compatible with most appliances and electronics. Don't let high energy bills drain your wallet, invest in our energy saver plugin, and take the first step toward a more energy-efficient and cost-effective household. Features: easy to use -just plug in, continuous stabilizing current, reduce harmful electricity.

Plug-In Ionizer & Purifier

Plug-In Ionizer
& Purifier

Your dwelling place accumulates more than your stuff over its lifetime.
  • Are you tired of coming home to that stuffy home or apartment? Do you wake up smelling something “different”? Your dwelling place accumulates more than your stuff over its lifetime. 
  • Negative ions connect to positively charged dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and lingering food odors to swiftly purify.
  • This portable air purifier will soak up and eliminate any material of concern in the air you breathe in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle. 
  • You will feel confident about a healthy living space. Rise and shine to a new energy.

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